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How to remap keyboard keys in Fedora 27 /w Wayland?

Hi all,

I need to remap the editing block keys ("Insert", "Delete" and "Home"). I tried the methods that worked for me in the past (see below) but with Fedora 27 and Wayland none of them seem to make an effect at all.

For those who wonder why I want to do that remapping: My Cherry keyboard sports a vertical-aligned editing block (the Ins,Del,Pos1,PgUp,PgDn,End keys group) however in an order which is beyond logic (not to say idiot). So when I got the keyboard some years ago, I pulled off the 3 caps, reordered and snapped them back on, then changed the keyboard layout inside the operating system config (Windows 7, Ubuntu 16.04) back then

In the old days, using udev rules worked fine. With later (Ubuntu) distros I needed to use xmodmap and finally xkb (editing keymaps) to achieve the same. Now on Fedora27 with Wayland, none of the above ways seems to work. I'm not even talking about making changes persist across boot... it's about making the remaps work at all.

As of now, I even desperately tried to use dconf-editor to change org.destkop.gnome (IIRC) keyboard config. Also to no avail. Google'ing for that issue doesn't reveal any "new" advise - and those I found don't work.

Can someone point me to a description of what to do to make key remaps work on Fedora 27? Note that there is also a similar (yet still unanswered) question here:

I'm perfectly fine with a working remap of, let's say, "Ins" keystrokes being recognized as "Delete" and can probably extrapolate the other remaps. ;) Would be nice to have a solution that persists across boot (albeit with the help of login-time scripts if required) and preferrably working in console too. But I'd be glad to be told a way that works at all.

TIA, Cheers, Thomas