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How to Install Brother HL-L2300D Printer drivers

I was misled by this site: which states that the popular Brother HL-L2300D printer works "perfectly" on Linux, which isn't the case with Fedora 27 apparently. So I'm trying to install the proprietary driver from Brother, but am unable to follow their directions. Their driver install tool gives the following directions:

When I get to Step6. Run the tool: Command: bash linux-brprinter-installer-..- Brother machine name e.g. bash linux-brprinter-installer-2.1.1-1 MFC-J880DW

I do not understand what "Brother machine name" refers to (model number, e.g., HL-L2300D in my case)?

More significantly, when I run that command with anything at all as the model number, I get the error "Is a directory" and nothing happens.

Can anyone help? Given that the printer model I'm referring to is one of the bestselling home laser printers on the market, I can't be the first to encounter this problem. Unfortunately most message boards I find simply badmouth the printer drivers without offering much help in stalling the proprietary drivers (which appear to be the only ones usable with this device.