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Gnome Authentication Error When Logging in After Lock

When I try to log into my ThinkPad W540 running Fedora 27 after my session locks I get an authentication error and I am unable to log in. I try clicking on 'Use a Different User' and then clicking on myself again I don't get a chance to enter my password. Eventually I get the same authentication error and my only way to recover is to reboot, which is very frustrating as you could imagine. I tried pressing CTL + ALT + F1, but get no response.

I saw some old posts around Fedora 22 about systemd 204 being the issue and it was fixed in systemd 207, but I have to imagine that the systemd version in Fedora 27 is at 207 or higher. What would someone need to help troubleshoot this issue? I would hate to re-image my PC. I suppose I could try switching to KDE to see if it makes a difference, but I'd rather not as I prefer Gnome. Thank you for taking the time to review this.

  • Jesse