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fedora 27 network browsing doesnt't work. Why?

I upgraded my Fedora 26 installation to Fedora 27. I should have done a test run with liveUSB first, because now I can not see any of the computers on my network or see my NAS4FREE server with all my SMB shares.

So, after spending days trying to figure out the issue I put Fedora 26 on a usb and live booted FC26 opened Nautilus up and there are all the servers and shares.

next. I live booted a fresh made FC27 usb and went straight to Nautilus and now nothing. No servers shown in windows network, my network laser isn't showing up, other computers in the network not showing up. NOTHING

So now Im planning on reverting back to Fedora 26. UGH

any thing else i can try before FC27 gets trashed?

Thanks alan