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When did zfs-fuse become a more fundamental dependency on Fedora?

I installed Fedora 26 recently. Some recent dnf updates I made pulled in zfs-fuse upon which lots of packages are now dependent (qemu, gluster, libvirt*, gnome-boxes, ...).

I am looking for the history of this dependency and the rationale behind it.

It makes it difficult to install kernel-based zfs (zfs-on-linux) since zfs-fuse and zfs (ZoL) are conflicting packages. Attempting to remove zfs-fuse will want to remove all the dependent packages as well.

Secondary question - is there any recent comparison of performance of kernel-based zfs and zfs-fuse? This is related to my primary question - if zfs-fuse is substantially equivalent to kernel zfs performance-wise, then perhaps it's not as problematic to have lots of packages depend on zfs-fuse. But if there's a significant difference between ZoL and zfs-fuse, I'd like to be able to either have the packages be able to co-exist or at least be interchangeable.