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conflicting usb controller

Hi there,

This is probably a noob question, but ive searched a long time to get this one solved but im finding myself a little lost.

When I assign my usb controller to the untrusted VM and start the VM then i gives an error message: unable to reset pci device. The untrusted VM won't start and my usb ports power down and stop functioning.

Also when I insert one usb drive (before activating the usbcontroller in another VM) it gives a message which states that is has mounted 2 or 3 usb drives on dom0/ but I cant seem to access dom0/ and the usb drive, except from the terminal. (ofcourse this entire thing doesnt work when i have started the untrusted vm since the usb controlles has been shut down from that moment)

When I exclude the usb controller from the untrusted VM it has no issues starting and the usb drive will mount on dom0/, wich I cant access except via the console.

Im working on a lenovo laptop with 2 usb ports, one controller I believe.

Can anyone shed some light on this issue?