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Hi All,

On a customer's FC26 server (motherboard: Supermicro C235 X11SAE-M), I formatted five 2TB backup drives in a removable SATA sleeve (one at a time) to a single XFS GPT partition. The server suddenly stopped being able to see the drives. The server's BIOS (RSTe SATA=RAID) suddenly did not see them either (don't remember if it ever did).

Took all five to my shop and and fired them up on my shop FC26 workstation (motherboard: Supermicro C7Z87 BIOS SATA=AHCI) and they all five work perfectly.

Mumble, Mumble. What the ... ????

Does GPT format not work with SATA set to RAID?

And words of wisdom?

Many thanks, -T