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Cant boot into Windows 8.1(which is pre installed) after dual boot installation of Fedora 25 (installed in Legacy mode). Error says Boot Configuration Data is missing

I recently installed Fedora 25 in my Lenovo PC which came with Windows 8.1 pre-installed (most preferably installed in UEFI mode..Laptop is 2yrs old).

This is the sequence i used, to install Fedora.

  1. Made a 117 gb of unallocated space from a drive using "Disk partition" in windows 8
  2. Created a bootable usb of Fedora 25 using Fedora Media Writer downloaded from the website.
  3. Turned off the secure boot mode and changed the settings to Legacy (wherever found this option)
  4. During installation i selected the drive of 117gb to install the fedora and installed succesfully (in legacy mode).
  5. Restarted the system. A menu appears with 4 options. 5.1 Fedora (4.8.6-300 and so on) 5.2 Fedora (0-rescue and so on) 5.3 Windows recovery environment (loader) (on /dev/sda3) 5.4 Windows 8 (loader) (on /dev/sda5)

    The problem starts here.. When i select first option Fedora boots up with no problem. But when i try to go for Windows (last option) it shows an error.

"Windows fail to start" fie :\Boot\BCD Status : 0xc0000225 Info : The boot configuration data is missing.

But when i use fedora i can see all my drives including the drive which has windows installed. Please help me solving this error and the main problem is I'm completely new to Fedora.