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Are GNOME, gtk+, CentOS also the parts of RedHat trademarks like Fedora?

  1. Fedora, RedHat needs Fedora to test for stabilizing as releases of CentOS and RHEL and has donated to Fedora, so of course being an RedHat trademark.
  2. GNOME, the workstation and default desktop shell for Fedora, RedHat has also hosted everything for GNOME.
  3. gtk+, the engine composing GNOME so being a part under GNOME, there are 4/11 core members in gtk+ from RedHat.
  4. CentOS, just like RHEL Fedora is being tested hence stabilized for their releases, CentOS is also aimed to be by gross compatible under RHEL.

In fact Fedora is of course an RedHat trademark, however has RedHat also trademarked over GNOME, gtk+, CentOS like Fedora?