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Issue with custom build anaconda package when creating a live CD


I am trying to build a custom live CD (livecd-creator) based on Fedora 26 workstation kickstart file. In doing so, I am patching anaconda to have a different name than Fedora in the installation wizard. The rpm with this patch is built locally and maintained in a local rpm repository for livecd-creator to pick when creating the live cd.

From the livecd-creator logs I can see that the custom built rpms (anaconda-*) are picked up. However when I try to boot the newly created iso, after selecting "Try or install..." the screen goes blank (this works find with Fedora 26 live cd). I suspect this is caused by the custom built anaconda and I am not sure what has gone wrong.

On a different note, I booted Fedora 26 live cd and upgraded anaconda-* rpms with my custom built rpms. Then I launched the "Install to hard disk" wizard, but I couldn't see my patched changes.

Any help with this regard is highly appreciated.