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Gray background in Qt applications

Greetings, I noticed that, after upgrading to F18, Qt applications have a gray background by default.

If I change the theme using qt-config, the bug is not present, but using Desktop's theme it is still there.

I believe that this issue is caused by a wrong default setting for QPalette::base role in the Qt theme (again, I believe this is specific to F18 and not for Qt 4.8 which I'm using), but I do not know where to look to solve this.

There are some qt-specific theme files? Is a Gnome application (window manager?) responsible for setting this value? Is it possible to change only this specific value?

I discovered someone with a similar issue on this forum: But I couldn't find any report about this.

Can someone address me about where configuration of theme files can be found? ...Or give advice about this issue? Thanks!