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Updating Fedora 16 kernel on a machine not connected to internet


I am trying to run CUDA programs on a Fedora 16 Linux desktop which is not connect to the internet, but has a CUDA enabled GPU. I installed Fedora 16 by downloading the DVD version and installed it with the NVIDIA driver and CUDA 5.0 toolkit. However, the system becomes unstable when I reboot and I get an error on the screen saying "Contact System Admin". Once I uninstall the NVIDIA driver everything seems to work fine. However I need the NVIDIA driver to rum my simulations.

I am guessing if I update my kernel files on Fedora 16 everything should work out fine. I think so because I had installed the NVIDIA deiver on Fedora 17 and it was working great. However, I found out that CUDA is not compatible as it has gcc version 4.7 so had to go for Fedora 16. Finally, any idea how to update the kernel files on the Fedora 16 desktop machine without internet? I have access to a windows machine with internet and I used a USB drive to download the latest NVIDIA driver and CUDA 5.0. Then copied onto to the desktop to install these files. Thanks!