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No sound after reboot Fedora 16

I downloaded and installed fedora 16 yesterday and everything was perfect, untill i shutdown the PC last night. When i booted this morning there was no sound. The only thing i did last night was install a few things like video and audio codecs (that would enable me to watch movies and listen to music) and updated yum. All the settings are as they should be, nothing is muted in alsamixer. I have disabled both my integrated audio card and HDMI, and i am using Sound Blaster 5.1 VX. (cannot use integrated audio because it got fried by a lightning :)

I've read a lot of similar threads but there is either no possible solutions or the suggestions wont work for me. I would really appreciate if someone could face me in the right direction because i am running out of ideas on what to try next, and i would really like to continue using fedora :(