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Fedora 25 - Lost root password

Hello all,

I cannot remember the root password on my Fedora 25, and my user is not member of the administrators, though I thought it was, but now I cannot sudo su, etc.. When I tried to login as root, it says password incorrect.

Well, I follow the instructions for this youtube, where is says to apply the command rw init-/bin/bash at the end of the linux line. Maybe my mistake was to use the first line on the menu, not sure if this was bad.

I was able to change the root password. When I type exit, the system crashed with a panic. I power it off, and once the GUI appeared, I was unable to login with my normal user (not sure what affect it) and also not able to login as root! A repeat the process and even added a new user with its password, and now it is even worse! System will not boot, it stops toward the end with messages that cannot start firewalld, I am at lost!

Is it salvageable? I cannot find ANYTHING related to root password recovery for Fedora 25. I assume now itis completely different from previous versions. Can anyone give me some directions? I really appreciate!