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Two Questions on Full Disk Encryption

I'm completely new to Linux coming from a long history in Windows and liking it so far though I have a couple questions on the encryption. I know already nothing is full proof what so ever and know all about faults and weaknesses.

When I setup and installed Fedora on my Laptops hard drive I set it up to use the entire hard drive, encrypt the drive and use LVM. So here are my questions.

  1. Did it encrypt the entire physical hard drive or just the Boot? When using PGP in Windows and MAC their whole Disk Encryption took hours to secure the disk. This seemed to take minutes or maybe even seconds. I want to ensure the entire physical drive is encrypted from boot to operation system to my files and even free space. I also wanted to make sure this wasn't just a login password where nothing was actually encrypted behind it.
  2. My next question is how do I change that pass phrase that prompts on booting if or when i decide to?

Thanks much! Greg