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Bringing UP static Interface on Fedora 25

I am trying to add a LAN to Fedora 25. I disabled NetworkManager and network, and enabled systemd-networkd all using systemctl. In /etc/systemd/network/, I invoked DHCP client; this worked, including DNS, and I could get to the Internet through enp1s0.

Then I tried to set up the static interface for the LAN, enp4s0. I used the ip link command to set the IP address and bring it up. It worked and survived the reboot. However, when I configured /etc/systemd/network/ to invoke the DHCP Server, it did not work. I saw that the interface still had the IP address, but the interface was DOWN. Subsequently I have not been able to get the interface UP. Ultimately I would like to have the ISC-DHCP Server on enp4s0.

This is my first experience with a static interface so I need to know what to look for to fix enp4s0 or a really good source of detailed information. Everything that I have read makes it look like the static interface should be easy to bring UP. I want to use systemd-networkd and ISC-DHCP, but I have to get enp4s0 UP.