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Need to launch dracut at each kernel update [NVIDIA driver]


I've noticed that every time I install a new kernel (and thus a new initramfs), I need to update the initramfs starting dracut. I've even created a simple bash script that does this for me on the latest initramfs image, but I was wondering why I have to do it manually, and if there is already a meta-package that does this for me. If I don't do that, it appears the driver is not loaded, giving me the resolution of 800x640 only (instead of 3440 x 1440).

This is the script which regenerates the initramfs (if anyone interested):

#!/usr/bin/env bash
LAST_INITRAMFS=/boot/`ls /boot -lt|grep initramfs|head -n 1|grep -oP "([^\s]+)$"`

sudo dracut -vf $LAST_INITRAMFS

Honestly I don't remember if I installed akmod-nvidia or followed this guide, because I think I tried both. Thing is I don't have to install the kernel all the times, just launch dracut.

Thank you for all the assistance :)


P.S. As extra bit, not that I'm eager to use Wayland, but even if I select "GNOME" (and not "GNOME with Xorg") in the login screen, loginctl show-session <num> -p Type always shows me Type=X11. Is this some form of fallback? (curently using nVidia drivers 375.39)