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how do enable encryption I have M.2 Sumsung 960 Pro

I have a M.2 Samsung 960 Pro that is TCG and Opal compliant. The question is how do i encript this drive? I'm almost have it?

These are the commands on how to encrypt a drive. It somewhat gets it working. Let me say that I don’t think steps 1, 2, 3, and 8 are really needed for data drives, but I will go ahead and include them since I did execute them.

  1. yum install ncurses-devel
  2. cd <dist>/LinuxPBA
  3. make CONF=Release_X86_64
  4. cd <dist>/linux/CLI
  5. make CONF=Release_X86_64
  6. No libata kernel flag is required for NVMe drives
  7. sedutil-cli –initialSetup <password> /dev/nvme0
  8. sedutil-cli --loadPBAimage <password> <file created="" in="" step="" 3=""> /dev/nvme0
  9. sedutil-cli --setMBREnable on <password> /dev/nvme0
  10. sedutil-cli --enableLockingRange 0 <password> /dev/nvme0
  11. Power off the server and remove power, don’t just reboot
  12. Drive should now be locked a. Verify with: sedutil-cli --listlockingranges <password> /dev/nvme0 b. Look at range 0 and verify read and write are enabled and locked
  13. To unlock: a. sedutil-cli –setMBRdone on <password> /dev/nvme0 b. sedutil-cli --setlockingrange 0 RW <password> /dev/nvme0
  14. Now you can mount the partition on the drive a. I have only tried this once, and it couldn’t read the super blocks, so this is where I am in the investigation