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Samba advanced rigths

good days im not native English speaker so sorry in advance for the grammar

i have installed centos 7 in the factory server and i have set up a share folder exactly inside


inside this share i set a folder for every departament in the factoy

/samba/share/Accounting folder for the acounting department
/samba/share/Collection folder for the Colections department
/samba/share/HumanResourses folder for the hr department
/samba/share/Design folder for the Design department
/samba/share/Production folder for the Develop department

in this moment all the users can enter from the network to the folder but have unrestricted access to all folder i don't want that

i want every department user to only see their department folder

whit some exceptions
i need some user from counting department to only be able to read from the acounting folder
but some others must have write access

HR department must only see its folder HumanResourses whit read/write Permissions but also must be able to look inside this one specific folder from the acounting department

whit read/write permissions but must' not see any else from the acounting folder

in windows you can set specific rights to folder for specific users
windows domain rights means nothing here because the share is in an ext4 partition and don't save windows rights

i hope you could understand what im asking for soo thanks in advance.