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How to restore missing files from deja-dup?

I have read solutions for this, but they are not working on my system. I need to get back my ssh private and public keys. They are backed up in deja-dup. The files are lost because I re-installed Fedora 25.

When I follow the instructions to navigate in the file manager to the folder (~/.ssh) and right click, there is no option to restore anything.

When I follow the instructions to run deja-dup --restore all I know to put is ~/.ssh/* This finds and restores the existing file in the directory (known_hosts), but not the key files that were in the directory when I backed it up from my prior Fedora installation.

How do I get it to restore all of the files to the directory from the backup? I am afraid I'll have to go back through all the rigamarole to create new keys.