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The installpage says the Live version is "complete" -- why can't I use e.g. dnf?

I was under the impression that when the install page described the Live USB version as "complete" that I would receive a regular OS installation on the USB, including persistence. Anything else just wouldn't be complete in my eyes.

But when I run it I run into nothing but problems. I couldn't install nvidia drivers because whenever I did something with dnf it complained about a read-only fs: Config error: Read-only file system: /var/log/dnf.log. I ran using sudo and compared the permissions for the complete path to that file to "working" permissions posted by another user here. I couldn't install applications from the store.

The only two things that worked out-of-the-box were multimon support and wifi (not a bad accomplishment in itself] but I thought "test and play" meant more than just launching stock apps.

Q: Was I mistaken about the Live version - can't I find out e.g. if Fedora works with proprietary nvidia drivers without investing in partitioning and installing on internal media

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I used Fedora 25 with Fedora media writer from Windows 10.