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fedora25 Realtek rtl8821usb wifi au driver help?

Hello, I'm excited to be using Linux for the first time yet struggling here and there. After setting up a dual boot with Win 7 Pro, downloading and loading fedora25, and looking on line for tips, I have successfully updated, enabled the RPM Fusion repositories, installed Fedy, and added SimpleScreenRecorder. As only a Windows user thus far, all of this is exciting ...BUT really new to me. Things that may take most of you minutes are taking me days ...I'm very weak at this but I'm learning. All seems to be going well aside from being able to use this Realtek RTL8821AU usb wifi product. It's working fine and connected in the Windows 7 boot but I haven't been able to get fedora to use or recognize it. I'm connected with cable on the computer at the moment but to locate the computer permanently I need the wifi. Before asking here, I have read, searched, and tried some commands without any success. The device came with a small CD that Linux is reading and I can look through the documents, etc. while in Linux and some are PDF and some show up as "boxes". From what I gather there are two approaches: 1) download/read/or execute the driver(s) or 2) perform a long and complex (to me) list of codes and programming. I feel I can do 1) but not likely to do 2) successfully. A) Can you direct me to help with this driver challenge? or B) Recommend a different wifi usb device which works effortlessly with fedora25. The Realtek device (EP-AC1607) I have is a 600 Mbps 2dBi Dual Band 2.4G/5G adapter and maybe you all might guide me to one that's faster than this and is easier to use with fedora25. Thanks very much your assistance. :) --nulinuxfan