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sudo NOEXEC broken in F25

asked 2017-01-06 13:10:04 -0500

sysadminfedora gravatar image

Attempting to using less with sudo on Fedora 25 fails with the following error.

/usr/bin/less: symbol lookup error: /usr/libexec/sudo/ undefined symbol: dlsym

I have the latest version of sudo for Fedora 25.


I found this bug which seems on point, but it says it was fixed in 1.8.18p1.

Does anyone have any information about this problem?

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2 Answers

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answered 2017-01-07 15:18:47 -0500

sysadminfedora gravatar image

I have reported this to the sudo package maintainers.

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answered 2017-01-06 16:27:55 -0500

Maybe most recent version wasn't compiled with -ldl (search to 2016-11-13) (2016-11-19 - the bug you quoted)

I verified that I also have the same issue as you (but I don't use NOEXEC normally).

I did:

dnf downgrade sudo.x86_64

and it works fine with NOEXEC

upgraded and it fails with

less: symbol lookup error: /usr/libexec/sudo/ undefined symbol: dlsym

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Thanks for the reply, but according to the ticket in Bugzilla (see link above), versions prior to 1.8.18p1 had a security vulnerability related to NOEXEC, so downgrading is not an option.

sysadminfedora gravatar imagesysadminfedora ( 2017-01-07 15:00:17 -0500 )edit

Add a comment to that Bugzilla, @gearchow, mentioning that downgrading fixes the issue. (You may need to create an account for that, but it's free and secure.) Knowing that the bug is only in the latest version may help them find it quicker.

sideburns gravatar imagesideburns ( 2017-01-07 16:01:41 -0500 )edit

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