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Unknown Applications ~/bin

asked 2016-12-24 04:44:46 -0500

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fc25/Worksatation does not create a ~/bin folder. I created this folder specifically as a place to store my scripts, which I then launch with .desktop files. About six weeks and some software installation and removal later I discovered binaries in this folder, which I did not intentionally put there. They are:


Does anyone recognize these; and can I remove them?

Also, how would anything get placed in my ~/bin which I did not put there?


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Almost certainly installed as part of a dependency for one of your "installation and removal" exercises, probably unpacked as part of a tar file you installed or perhaps a ruby application?

If you believe you have removed the "parent" application(s) then you can definitely delete these as well (most app install mechanisms do a poor job of dependency removal when you uninstall). If in doubt - move them to a backup location and see if you start having problems. This will quickly identify components that are still needed (and hopefully what is using them).

snowolfe gravatar imagesnowolfe ( 2016-12-24 06:40:13 -0500 )edit

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answered 2016-12-24 08:35:00 -0500

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When you install ruby gems using bundler or gem as your user it will install them on your home user inside a folder .gems or .bundler binaries files will go under ~/bin. That is why you have those files there.

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