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Monitor resolution no longer available after fedora24 update

asked 2016-12-18 16:24:52 -0500


after system-updating fedora24, my secondary monitor's wide-screen resolution of 2560x1080 suddenly was suddenly no longer available, instead gnome-displays let me choose 1920x1080 and lower resolutions only. Unfortunately, none of these resolutions have a comparable ratio, and while I could live with a smaller resolution (although quite unhappily) I cannot work on a strongly deformed desktop.

When I booted an older version of fedora24, everything was fine again. Now that I moved up to fedora25, I no longer have that option. And I naively thought, that that issue might have been fixed in this new release. Now I would have to go back to the very first version of fedora24 without being able to ever update my system again in order to use my second monitor.

While this problem could be wayland-specific, it also occurs also on X11. Probably my integrated Intel HD 4000 graphics card is no longer supported despite not being old. Also my monitor (Asus mx299q) is not even two years old and no longer supported? There are no drivers for linux available. Even xrandr also does not work on wayland anymore. This problem is not gnome-specific as I was told on the gnome-forum.

This is so annoying. Is there any chance the monitor will work suddenly again when they fix wayland issues? I'm afraid that, even if I switched to let's say ubuntu (which I would love to avoid) the same problem occurs again (maybe not right from the beginning but after an update) when they start to embrace wayland too, despite the fact it is not yet working for all the up-to-date hardware that is out there.

Any suggestions how to fix that?

Many thanks in advance!

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answered 2016-12-21 15:20:41 -0500

CAI Qian gravatar image

This all smells like a driver issue that the kernel/x11-driver for some reasons unable to optimize your graphic card. You might try to run some fedora test day cases for intel driver, and do some initial debugging if you can.

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