Unable to restore from Fedora 18 suspension or hibernation

asked 2013-02-03 10:21:00 -0500

TrickyHarry gravatar image

My new Fedora 18 installation on laptop Lenovo W520 can be suspended or hibernated but it will not allow me to resume from either suspension or hibernation.

This laptop had a previous installation of Fedora 16 and it worked very well. I am using a separate disk to deploy the Fedora 18 - I am keeping the F16 disk active until I am happy with F18. I have access to a separate Lenovo w510 machine which had Fedora 17 installation, which was successfully upgraded to Fedora 18. Restore from suspend and hibernation works fine on the upgraded F18 machine.

Can anyone provide me with information on the configuration files associated with suspension and hibernation - and what I should b looking for to check between my two machines ?

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