No icons in Krita's open file dialog

asked 2016-12-18 06:36:01 -0500

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Hi, I have this issue with Krita since I upgraded to Fedora 25. The open file dialog show no icons for any kind of file or directory unless for "My Computer" icon.

This happens to my desktop computer upgraded to Fedora 25 Workstation but it also happens to my laptop which has a fresh Fedora 25 Workstation install so I don't think is an upgrade issue.

I've found this similar question but it's not solved ant the problem is slightly different - it claims that it's having the missing icons in any Qt application but I only experience it on Krita. Other Qt4 and Qt5 apps are working fine for me.

I tried reverting to default Fedora themes with no luck (had the issue even before of changing to Numix theme and Humanity icons) and I'm out of ideas.

It doesn't look like a big problem but I'm working in a proyect with thousands of images organized into hundreds of folders and subfolders and it's really annoying.

Any ideas? thank you in advance and excuse me for my bad English.

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