Unknown Process "Web Content" Downloading

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Often when I 'supposedly' have no network apps running Conky will show me that I am downloading 'something' at full connection speed. A 'minority' of the time Conky will display the process "Web Content." What on earth could this be? Do I have a root kit or a trojan? BTW, there is usually some upload activity too. This looks like some kind of peer delivery activity. In other words, I'm sharing a portion of 'whatever' it is that is being downloaded to my computer, with the cloud. Closing my browser never stops this monster. I always have to reboot to get it to stop. BTW, I do not have TOR running; and I am certainly not running a relay. Apparently, I'm acting as a relay for heaven knows what?



I just tried this:

[user@localhost ~]$ sudo dnf clean packages
[sudo] password for user: 
1 file removed
[user@localhost ~]$

Apparently, I had one package. Is there anyway to see what this is next-time before I delete it?

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