what is wrong with you programers? [closed]

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you guy's and girls, crack me up. .run disable noevea ect... this is why adobe is kissing bill's ars. k, you guys expect everyone to come up to your level to get fedora to work right. windows don't. ok the gen population has no clue, they generally cut and paste. you have no clue about the gpu, you make it a forced system for graphic's. NVidia has drivers but it is so complex to use them, in fact you damb near have to force the system to do it. do you know how hard it is??? and don't get insulted k your not that smart,, if I told you step by step how to change the ring's in your car you would have no clue as to what I was saying. and be totally lost in the proses of removing you engine. by doing this your also stopping video cards from supporting your o s. is that your goal to have a computer the average guy cannot use? yet he can use windows? mac? but Linux you need to be a programmer to use Linux? come on people the only way your going to have a chance is to literally dumb it down.... include repos ect. from the install,, would it be that hard? I know 3rd party, well put in a pop up to accept. Linux is the better system, but I should not have to learn programming to install a driver??? fyi it's set in your kernel even with that there is a patch and it still don't work, I love Linux!!! don't get me wrong. but I want acceleration. don't you??? when I use your setup, I have to burn the cpu's at 90 % and it still glitches!! but I can watch hulu and net flix threw wine. but it needs some help. 2 years and no support from the outside co's, they don't want to use your system cuz it's not easy,,, make it easy and more will come to Linux, it's that simple. sorry I don't me to yell but your so smart you forgot what it's like to be dumb. have a blessed day, good luck,

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As moderator, I would have rejected this question as too argumentative, but that's not an option at that stage, so I'm closing it now. If you need help, ask and we'll do what we can. If you just want to complain, find someplace else.

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I'm wondering why you would even bother with the .run file when it's easier to use nvidia from rpmfusion repo? AS a developer and packager I resent your comment, I am multi-skilled and have had several jobs in my career including motor mechanic.

geforce gravatar imagegeforce ( 2016-12-13 00:53:22 -0500 )edit