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I went back to using xsessions, after learning that desktop icons cause nautilus to crash in Wayland; so they are not permitted by default. It turns out that nautilus is also "very" delicate even in xsessions. Opening properties on any image that I have on the desktop has been causing nautilus to crash. Saving a setup in grub-customizer also causes nautilus to crash. Opening folders on the desktop also triggers some odd behavior. Sometimes nautilus has crashed by the time I login, after a fresh reboot. I upgraded to '25 from '24 because '24 had some issues of its own, especially with tracker and music file indexing. I realize this is a new release; and it will probably be some months before the major stability issues are resolved and the repos are fully populated. That being said, I'm walking on eggshells, trying not to "break" my install, before the patches are released.

This post is just a FYI. I don't expect any replies: I just hope someone will read it and pass my opinion along. IMHO, Nautilus is very very delicate and needs as much attention as this "new baby" can possible get.

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