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missing gnome-mplayer in fedora 25

asked 2016-12-10 07:10:50 -0500

jask gravatar image

Hi! I've recently installed Fedora 25 on my new laptop. However I fail to find mplayer with gnome native gui in repository. I have RPM Fusion enabled. Previously I've used Fedora 23 with gnome-mplayer package just fine.

I wasn't able to find more on this problem. Is this some kind of mistake on my or other part. Or is there any serious reason it was removed from repositories? Mplayer is my favourite piece of software and native gui was nice touch making it even more useful.

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1 Answer

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answered 2016-12-10 11:23:05 -0500

hhlp gravatar image

updated 2016-12-10 11:26:13 -0500

I have a bad news for you, gnome-mplayer is not available in fedora since some version above

sorry., decision I don't know

more info gnome-mplayer


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AFAIK gnome-mplayer is not mantained anymore.

ed209 gravatar imageed209 ( 2016-12-10 14:20:36 -0500 )edit

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