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How can I setup web server to fedora 16 ?

asked 2012-01-16 23:20:49 -0500

Extelliqent gravatar image


I`m very new to Linux and Fedora 16. I just installed it in my computer. Now my goal is to learn how to setup my own web server into my computer and host my websites. Is there anywhere I can learn it ?

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answered 2012-01-17 03:08:03 -0500

robotmaxtron gravatar image

Just remember, when trying to use a webserver from your computer at home you'll require things like a static IP address from your ISP or a Dynamic DNS service.

My suggestion though, if you really want to learn Linux and Fedora in a LAMP stack is to get a VPS where you have the flexibility to break things and restore from backups quickly and easily. I have personally used Linode in the past (and currently) and highly suggest them. One of my favourite features of Linode is the documentation is well up date and quite helpful. If you choose to, you can use a the referral link below.

Additionally there are are various control panels you can use to make things easier to manage like cPanel or VirtualMin and various others of varying price and licensing.

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answered 2012-01-17 00:25:24 -0500

FranciscoD_ gravatar image


There are numerous pages on the subject available on the www. Here's one :

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answered 2012-10-19 19:06:29 -0500

sham gravatar image

I'm currently trying to install Fedora to dual boot with Windows 7 on my system, but when I try to create a partition, I get the error: could not allocate requested partitions: not enough free space on disks. Before I attempted to install, I purposely made 20480 MB of free space to install in, and that shows up in the drive menu, but it's won't let me install in it. Help?

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Please ask a new question @sham.

FranciscoD_ gravatar imageFranciscoD_ ( 2013-03-05 02:49:23 -0500 )edit

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