Dual boot windows 10

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hello first of all I'm completely new to Linux world but i have a good experience with computers and windows especially . lately I've been getting a lot of problems with windows 10 and it's not that much compatible with my computer so i thought Linux is a good choice so what i did exactly : 1- i downloaded fedora on a flash drive plug it in and started Linux fedora 2- tried to install it but it didn't work because i have 4 primary partitions from windows C and D & recovery and booting recovery 3- i downloaded G-parted to make a new partition and moved the recovery partition to the C so now i have : 190GB C - 250GB D - 100MB boot recovery - 60GB new drive for fedora 4- i tried to install it to the 60GB it didn't work it says : ("No valid boot loaded target device found ,see below for details . for a UEFI installation , you must include an EFI system partition on a GPT-formatted disk , mounted at /boot/efi. you don't have a specified a swap partition , although not strictly required in all cases , it will significantly improve performance for most instillation ")

Can you help me please ASAP

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The error message actually says it all. You will have to create a /boot/efi partition if you want to install Fedora in (U)EFI mode. It is actually likely that Win10 installation created that already and is using it.

SImilar issues have been widely discussed and also asked here. Please see if that helps, and get back to us...

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