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Dependencies not found

asked 2016-11-27 06:42:45 -0500

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I need to install the following dependencies in order to use my wacom tablet, I've replaced "apt-get" with dnf and even yum how ever the message is always the same. The package isn't available and I can't find nay alternatives either.

*$ sudo apt-get install build-essential libX11-dev libxi-dev x11proto-input-dev xserver-xorg-dev libxrandr-dev libxinerama-dev libncurses5-dev xutils-dev autoconf libtool pkg-config libudev-dev*

*Last metadata expiration check: 0:52:00 ago on Sun Nov 27 16:48:11 2016.
No package build-essential available.
No package libX11-dev available.
No package libxi-dev available.
No package x11proto-input-dev available.
No package xserver-xorg-dev available.
No package libxrandr-dev available.
No package libxinerama-dev available.
No package libncurses5-dev available.
No package xutils-dev available.
Package autoconf-2.69-22.fc24.noarch is already installed, skipping.
Package libtool-2.4.6-12.fc25.x86_64 is already installed, skipping.
No package pkg-config available.
No package libudev-dev available.
Error: Unable to find a match.*
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answered 2016-11-27 07:56:52 -0500

hhlp gravatar image

updated 2016-11-27 08:52:15 -0500

  1. First you are using apt-get which is only use for debian and derivates,
  2. Second use dnf instead of yum.
  3. Third you are triying to copy and paste a ubuntu command in fedora for that reason the ubuntu packages you are triying to install are not the same name in fedora, try to find the apropiate name in fedora for every packages...

for example :

The closest equivalent for build-essentials is:

sudo dnf install make automake gcc gcc-c++ kernel-devel

However, if you don't care about exact equivalence you can install all the development tools and libraries with the below command.

sudo dnf group install "Development Tools" "Development Libraries"

libX11-dev is libX11-devel , libxi-dev is libXi-devel an so on with every packages...

note : or try to follow a fedora Howto to use your wacom, i don't recommend this, but remember google is your friend...


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