Windows graphics problems

asked 2016-11-25 12:33:41 -0500

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I've graphics issues in some windows. For example on Evolution: image description

It's also happen on Steam menus like Store, Library,... Moreover, when I'm playing CS:GO, sometimes it crashs and I need to kill its probess to use my PC. It's happen two times today.

I'm on Fedora 25 on Wayland session. I have a Radeon Rx 460 2G gpu. I use free drivers (radeonsi). I want to know if others users have similar issues ?

Than'ks in advance !

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After the upgrade from 24 to 25. I got the same problems with my FirePro W7100 8G gpu. I use the buildt in driver.

interbert gravatar imageinterbert ( 2016-11-27 04:08:08 -0500 )edit