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asked 2016-11-16 23:10:38 -0500

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The first item in the GRUB Boot Menu shows a recovery option which is non-existent. Selecting the recovery option just boots the current image. Also, the menu entry for the recovery option starts with about half a line of extra characters. Is there a way to edit this menu so that the recovery option actually points to a recovery image? Also, is there a way to edit the menu so that the recovery option reads properly? It's been this way since installation.

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answered 2016-11-18 01:36:59 -0500

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updated 2016-11-18 01:45:45 -0500

A search for vmlinuz revealed an image labeled as a recovery image:


Since this only boots a normal desktop; and DOESN'T actually offer any RECOVERY options, I'll assume that the devs were thinking that providing the above mentioned image will still allow you to boot, if you are unlucky enough to actually BJORK all of your other images, GOD FORBID!

IF this was their reasoning, then I find it valid. I've got no problem with this; in fact I think it's a good idea, yeah devs! What I'd like to see in ADDITION to this is an actual recovery entry/option that allows functions like:

fsck *fix broken packages *clean cache and packages *startx in failsafe mode *HDD/SSD test & repair bad sectors **test usb ports.

In other words REAL recovery options. However, I would NOT remove the normal desktop option; that's a good idea. Please KEEP it!

I could have used the last two **options the last time x2 I bought a DELL laptop. These "Quantas" in DELL clothing really need to be cherry picked. The first time I received a unit with a damaged Ethernet port; and the second time I received a unit that had bad usb ports AND a 1TB HDD with bad sectors. These were both NEW units; NOT refurbished! Boo DELL!!

The last two options would have allowed me to TEST for these conditions; instead of having to struggle with all kinds of weird problems until the warranty expired, which is exactly what happened in both cases.

BTW, I installed "Grub Customizer" from the dnf repositories; and I was able to edit the grub2 menu entry, so that it actually FIT on the screen. Come-on, how hard can this be?

On a happier note:

Has anyone seen the new EUROCOM laptops?

These guys have a new "12 core laptop," which is advertised as a "portable server" in a 15" form factor. I'd like to see something similar in a 13", since I travel frequently, with a true "bidirectional PCIe bus" and high performance graphics. Forget SATA!

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