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how to make multiboot usb in fedora ?

asked 2016-11-15 16:03:47 -0500

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I use fedora 24 on my lab, but i need to make multi-boot USB contain (win7,win8.1,win10, ubuntu, fedora, debian) + some maintenance boot cd <for my="" work="" i'm="" working="" in="" it="" technical="" support="" >,="" in="" the="" windows="" there="" is="" many="" app="" tpo="" do="" this="" but="" in="" fedora="" i'm="" lost.="" please="" i="" need="" your="" help="" a.s.a.p<="" p="">

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Try writing in proper English next time , the symbols in your post makes you look like an idiot!

geforce gravatar imagegeforce ( 2016-11-16 02:04:00 -0500 )edit

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answered 2016-11-16 00:48:23 -0500

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Here we go!

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