Extra Cursor on Screen

asked 2016-11-13 21:59:14 -0500

agaus gravatar image

I'm dual booting Fedora 24 on an early 2011 MacBook Pro. When I reboot and get the login screen all is well, however after I login, there is an extra cursor stamped on the screen at the exact position of the cursor when I clicked the login button...

Any chance other people have run into a similar issue or know a good place for me to start digging for a fix?

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Wild guess: on the login screen, do you get the same result if you choose Wayland and no-Wayland sessions? (There should be a widget somewhere before you enter your password to change session type.)

Aeyoun gravatar imageAeyoun ( 2016-11-16 05:43:50 -0500 )edit