Cant Boot into Fedora (failed to start load kernel modules )

asked 2016-11-08 08:01:10 -0500

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Hi, Im new to Linux and Fedora. I got my Thinkpad T460s Last week and decided to installiert Fedora 24. Everything went fine and I had no Problems. 3 dass ago I Upgrades to Fedora 25(Beta) because is was curious how it is and if its working. Also no problems. But since today after I installed texstudio and activated right alt as 3rd Level chooser, so I Can use german 'Umlaute' on a us-keyboard, Fedora isnt booting anymore into the Login Screen. I also edited the us Symbol File unser ../X11/xkb/Symbols to get the Umlaute. I Just added for example

udiaeresis, Udiaresis

in the Line for the Letter u. I did for a and I too.

After rebooting i now get this Kind of Message after logging in with my Password, Cause i encrypted my Partition!

Error message

So now my question is, what have I eine and Can I 'repair' it or do I have to install Fedora again? I have an extra Home Partition.

Thanks for you help


PS: Im using the Kernel 4.8.6, but Can choose also 4.8.4. PPS: I Can Boot into Fedora 'Rescue'

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