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kdewallet - setting up and encrypting

asked 2016-10-27 06:08:57 -0500

sigurdsk gravatar image

Hi! When i use Kmail as a normal user i get a kdewallet message stating that a password is required. I dont remember adding any password to this. When i run kwalletmanager as root, i need to add wallets, what are wallets and how does one use it? I need to log in to email as a regular user, so what is the best procedure to do so? An indepth answer will be appreciated offcourse or if it is complicated maybe someone can guide me in IRC or through fedora site, but since this is not a spesific fedora question any HTMLlink regarding my issue will also be appreciated.


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answered 2016-10-27 10:37:09 -0500

masteroman gravatar image

Running GUI applications as root is not very good idea. That aside, you should be able to set up KDE wallet normally as normall user, just follow the wizard. During setup process it should ask you to define password for it.

Kwallet, similarly as "Passwords and keys" option inside of gnome is used for storing your application credentials. Applications like email, dropbox, whatever else need to store your password somewhere so they don't need to ask you every time you start up the application. Kwallet is the place where they can store them in KDE environment but that wallet needs to be set up first.

You can read more about kdewallet here.

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I need to know a bit more about this issue.

sigurdsk gravatar imagesigurdsk ( 2016-11-02 08:00:12 -0500 )edit

answered 2019-02-04 08:39:54 -0500

humourman gravatar image

Hi !

You will need KWallet activated if not each time you switch on your laptop, it will ask you a password (for internet, email, and so on....). If you have Fedora KDE:
Go to System Setings / Account Details / KDE Wallet...
you should have the checked box for " Enable the KDE Wallet subsystem ".
If it's not, check the box and se what it does when you open KMail.
Do you have the problem with KWallet only for KMail or for other applications too ?

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