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One Drive Support

asked 2016-10-26 00:03:10 -0500

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Fedora 24 Workstation support Microsoft OneDrive? If supported OneDrive How could an setting? HP Scanjet 200 Scanner supported?

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answered 2017-07-12 08:42:45 -0500

ncphil gravatar image

The only way to reliably use OneDrive on any Fedora Workstation version (we are up to 26 as I write this) is using a web browser like Firefox or Chrome. There are command line clients like , but they often will not compile even if all prerequisites are installed, and are prone to break without warning. Contrast this with Google Drive, which is supported by the 3rd party (paid) Insync tool, on Linux, including the latest Fedora and that can be installed via a dnf repository or rpm.

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