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Block jdk8

asked 2016-10-23 07:43:52 -0500

elwis gravatar image

Hi all, I have a developerstation with some old Java applications on it where I really need to stay with jdk1.7 since 1.8 breaks some spring jars. Of course I manage to unintentionally update these packages now and then anyway so I was wondering if there are some easy way to block it from getting replaced? Alternatively, if I vcould have them both installed without problems, but I doubt that..


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answered 2016-10-23 11:26:50 -0500

I looks like openjdk1.7 is no longer available from the Fedora repository. You can install Oracle's 1.7 jdk. Then you can have them both (openjdk1.8 & Oracle jdk1.7) installed at the same time and switch between them with the alternatives command:

alternatives --config java
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Thanks Bill. Its true I downloaded openJDK manually and installed it. But maybe as you say it's easier to have the Oracle JDK 1.7 co-existing with openJDK 1.8 so they won't intrerfere, I'll try that path.

elwis gravatar imageelwis ( 2016-10-24 05:18:48 -0500 )edit

answered 2016-10-26 04:45:14 -0500

hhlp gravatar image

Here are a fantastic guide to install both ORACLE java 7 an java 8, please use step Java JDK CPU absolute version :

then swift beetwen then :

alternatives --config java


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