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How can I configure snapper to create automatic bootable BTRFS snapshots like OpenSUSE does?

asked 2016-10-10 09:35:26 -0500

justsomeguy gravatar image

If you've tried any recent version of OpenSUSE Linux, you'll know that there's a tool called snapper which creates automatic BTRFS snapshots of the root partition every time you install a package, and also on a schedule. If a package ruins your system configuration, you can boot into an older snapshot from grub.

This tool exists on Fedora, there's a dnf plugin for automatic snapshots, and even a guide on how to get it working on fedora 24. However, after following the guide my system becomes unbootable.

If anyone here has successfully installed and configured snapper to behave in this way, can you post a line by line explanation of the process? (Especially any modifications to grub.)

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answered 2016-10-11 23:11:12 -0500

cmurf gravatar image

The Btrfs snapshot support patches for GRUB are not merged upstream, and so Fedora's GRUB doesn't have them. There's substantial integration with YaST to create at install time the ~18 subvolume layout (which ends up as a ~20 item fstab to assemble this layout), and trigger snapshots via snapper any time changes are made. If you want what openSUSE has, you kinda need to use openSUSE. Fedora's approximate equivalent is still a work in progress, for Fedora 25 there's expected to be an early preview, not a general release, of OSTree Workstation. And it does have rollbacks. It supports ext4, XFS, and Btrfs.

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