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DNF fails to synchronize

asked 2016-10-08 12:56:34 -0500

centinel20 gravatar image

updated 2016-10-08 13:00:21 -0500

Ok so this is the 3rd time this has happened to me in 3 different computers. Last 2 times I ended up reinstalling fedora24 server. While I was running sudo dnf update the server crashed and the process was left on cleanup. Since that moment dnf refuses to synchronise with the repos and no command works. I have looked everywhere for an answer from yum-deprecated which doesn't seem to be on fedora24 anymore and sudo rpm --rebuilddb also obviously dnf clean all and some other commands. I really dont know how to fix dnf and I havnt found any answers online for the las 2 times I hope I can learn this time. I was connected through ssh. Here is what happened:

$ sudo dnf update
[sudo] password for pepe: 
Last metadata expiration check: 1:01:05 ago on Sat Oct  8 01:41:12 2016.
Dependencies resolved.
 Package                  Arch    Version                Repository
 binutils                 x86_64  2.26.1-1.fc24          updates  5.9 M
 cpp                      x86_64  6.2.1-2.fc24           updates  9.0 M
 gcc                      x86_64  6.2.1-2.fc24           updates   20 M
 gcc-gdb-plugin           x86_64  6.2.1-2.fc24           updates   82 k
 glibc-devel              x86_64  2.23.1-10.fc24         updates  936 k
 glibc-headers            x86_64  2.23.1-10.fc24         updates  501 k
 isl                      x86_64  0.14-5.fc24            fedora   482 k
 kernel-headers           x86_64  4.7.5-200.fc24         updates  1.0 M
 libmpc                   x86_64  1.0.2-5.fc24           fedora    54 k
 bash                     x86_64  4.3.42-7.fc24          updates  1.4 M
 bind99-libs              x86_64  9.9.9-2.P3.fc24        updates  660 k
 bind99-license           noarch  9.9.9-2.P3.fc24        updates   12 k
 c-ares                   x86_64  1.12.0-1.fc24          updates   87 k
 gdb                      x86_64  7.11.1-86.fc24         updates  3.3 M
 hwdata                   noarch  0.293-1.fc24           updates  1.4 M
 krb5-libs                x86_64  1.14.4-4.fc24          updates  737 k
 krb5-workstation         x86_64  1.14.4-4.fc24          updates  899 k
 libkadm5                 x86_64  1.14.4-4.fc24          updates  170 k
 nspr                     x86_64  4.13.0-1.fc24          updates  133 k
 nss                      x86_64  3.27.0-1.1.fc24        updates  845 k
 nss-softokn              x86_64  3.27.0-1.0.fc24        updates  383 k
 nss-softokn-freebl       x86_64  3.27.0-1.0.fc24        updates  221 k
 nss-sysinit              x86_64  3.27.0-1.1.fc24        updates   58 k
 nss-tools                x86_64  3.27.0-1.1.fc24        updates  497 k
 nss-util                 x86_64  3.27.0-1.0.fc24        updates   82 k
 openssh                  x86_64  7.2p2-13.fc24          updates  442 k
 openssh-clients          x86_64  7.2p2-13.fc24          updates  661 k
 openssh-server           x86_64  7.2p2-13.fc24          updates  465 k
 python                   x86_64  2.7.12-6.fc24          updates   96 k
 python-libs              x86_64  2.7.12-6.fc24          updates  5.8 M
 qemu-common              x86_64  2:2.6.2-1.fc24         updates  322 k
 qemu-guest-agent         x86_64  2:2.6.2-1.fc24         updates  190 k
 qemu-img                 x86_64  2:2.6.2-1.fc24         updates  828 k
 qemu-kvm                 x86_64  2:2.6.2-1.fc24         updates   61 k
 qemu-system-x86          x86_64  2:2.6.2-1.fc24         updates  4.5 M
 selinux-policy           noarch  3.13.1-191.17.fc24     updates  472 k
 selinux-policy-targeted  noarch  3.13 ...
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Looks like you lost ssh connection during the upgrade process:

packet_write_wait: Connection to port 22: Broken pipe

That should not have affected the actual dnf update (cleanup) process. Do you know if went through? you can find log files in /var/log/dnf.log

Error: Failed to synchronize cache for repo 'updates'

Could just mean that your machine has a problem with internet connectivity

florian gravatar imageflorian ( 2016-10-08 13:10:59 -0500 )edit

thank you. it is working now. fixed itself apparently, or the fedora repos where off line.

centinel20 gravatar imagecentinel20 ( 2016-10-09 10:22:30 -0500 )edit

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answered 2016-10-08 19:10:14 -0500

Aeyoun gravatar image

You upgraded SSH over SSH, meaning … you know … that the connection would be broken when the new version was put in place and the installer got to the step where the old version was cleaned out. This is the expected behavior.

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I found the server shut down that was why I though something was wrong, it seems some fedora mirrors where down when I tried dnf now it works. but you are right this was what happened. The only thing I cant figure out is why it shut down, i think it crashed. In any case its working again. Thanks.

centinel20 gravatar imagecentinel20 ( 2016-10-09 10:21:24 -0500 )edit

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