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fedora 24 on 2007 macmini / volume shortcut key [closed]

asked 2016-10-08 07:45:00 -0500

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updated 2016-10-09 06:27:28 -0500

Hello Just installed fedora 24 lxde on a 2007 mac mini, after a lot of apps stopped working on fedora 22 mate. But instead of trying to solve them, I've decided to update....

by now I'v managed to install pretty much everything I need, but can't seem to get the volume keys shortcut keys to work.

Can' t find the keyboard file, on /etc/sysconfig and currently I have

localectl status

System Locale: LANG=pt_PT.UTF-8

VC Keymap: pt-mac_sundeadkeys

X11 Layout: pt

X11 Variant: mac

I've tried all the VC keymaps for pt-mac, and none of them works. On fedora 22 mate, it had "pt-mac", and worked fine

(or are the shortcuts another non-keyboard-related thing?)

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answered 2016-10-09 10:03:52 -0500

pauloans gravatar image

think I got it....

just had to add, to lxde-rc.xml entries, with the right sintax.

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