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Is there a GUI for Fedora server 24? If so, How can i run it?

asked 2016-10-05 13:15:59 -0600

hive101 gravatar image

I an trying to use some sort of GUI for Fedora Server 24. I've tried KDE and Gnome installs but it won't load or run.

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2 Answers

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answered 2016-10-05 15:02:36 -0600

ssieb gravatar image

What package or group did you install? For Gnome, you could do dnf install @gnome-desktop which will install all the packages necessary for a Gnome environment. But even after installing everything, you might not get the graphical interface by default, so run systemctl start gdm and if that works, then run systemctl enable gdm to make it always start at boot.

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answered 2016-10-05 16:28:10 -0600

zdenek gravatar image

For server management, I would use rather Cockpit then desktop environment. There is a blog about it in Fedora Magazine as well. Cockpit should be already installed and configured on Fedora server. If not, install Cockpit on your server (commands executed under root privileges):

# dnf install cockpit
# systemctl enable cockpit.socket
# systemctl start cockpit
# firewall-cmd --add-service=cockpit

Once installed, you can access the Cockpit from your web browser.


Complete guide and documentation can be found here.

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