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Issues with wireless printer connected to cisco router

asked 2016-10-02 14:46:02 -0500

This computer uses Fedora 23 64bit, and the printer connected wireless with a cisco

This is the automated procedure, at the end of the installation process it asks if I will specify the URI, and following the instructions in the linked page I said Yes.

This is what the terminal asks then:

Will you specify the Device URI? [y/N] ->Y 0: https 1: socket 2: ipps 3: lpd 4: http 5: ipp 6: serial:/dev/ttyS0?baud=115200 7: parallel:/dev/lp0 8: smb 9: hp 10: hpfax 11: dnssd://Brother%20MFC-J6510DW._pdl-datastream._tcp.local/ 12: lpd://BRW0022581CB896/BINARY_P1 13 (I): Specify IP address. 14 (A): Auto. (dnssd://Brother%20MFC-J6510DW._pdl-datastream._tcp.local/)

I typed 14, but I really do not know why or what to choose. It is not working

Help please.

Any other tip on how to install this printer.

The other option I have is to follow the default procedure from , but those instructions are not enough to install the printer

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1 Answer

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answered 2016-10-02 15:15:41 -0500

TWTOoth gravatar image

updated 2016-10-02 15:16:44 -0500

it looks like its asking for the IP address of the printer was 14 your IP address ? On the printer, press the Menu or Setup button. Use the appropriate buttons to navigate your way to a networking or network setup option and press Enter. Use the arrows to navigate through the available network options, and select TCP/IP or IP address to view and change the IP address settings. another tip update your fedora it might make things easier

to update system run as root

dnf -y update

or update to Feodra24 Hope this helps

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