F24 how to get mouse buttons to work permanently?

asked 2016-09-30 03:52:59 -0500

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updated 2016-10-07 09:06:51 -0500

Hi, i have a strange error with mouseclick on f24 (upgraded from f23) on Lenovo T450s: After login everything works as expected for a few minutes, then suddenly tap-to-click, trackpad buttons stop working. mouse movement is working normally, but no UI elements can be clicked. I was able to reproduce the behaviour by selecting text in gnome-terminal and then right-clicking to copy to clipboard. Exactly after the right-click it happens - can not even select copy or any entry from the menu.

Only libinput is used. Happens with "Gnome" and "Gonme on wayland" alike.

ALT F2 - "r" doesn't help journalctl -xe shows only one line more after the error (maybe unrelated):

gnome-terminal-server[2333]: (gnome-terminal-server:2333): Gtk-WARNING ***: Allocating size to GtkScrollbar 0x559d12a6b1f0 without calling gtk_widget_get_preferred_width/height(). How does the code know the size to allocate?

How do i get the mouse buttons work permanently? edit: i broke it down to it only happening, when pressing right mouse button. But still no luck finding the culprit. maybe anyone can point me to a log or a debugging option to investiage further.

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hi, anyone an idea? today i updated feodra again and the problem persits. Right Mouse Button Click => No more clicking in that session.

ceres2009 gravatar imageceres2009 ( 2016-10-07 08:55:33 -0500 )edit

run sudo libinput-debug-events to check what comes out of libinput, see if it changes after a while. but if it works for a while and then stops, this sounds like a bug, best to file one against libinput and I'll take care of it from there.

whot gravatar imagewhot ( 2016-10-20 15:59:48 -0500 )edit