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How to remove a locally built and installed software in Fedora?

asked 2016-09-29 01:29:54 -0500

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updated 2016-09-29 01:30:27 -0500

I have installed glib 2.48.2, but the package I am trying to build, gtk (3.22.0) requires glib 2.49.4, so I need to remove glib 2.48.2, but it is a local installation that I did by building from source. I think I have installed both 2.49.4 and 2.48.2, but only the former is required, but with both being present the gtk 3.22.0 build gives the following error:

checking for GLIB - version >= 2.49.4... 
*** 'pkg-config --modversion glib-2.0' returned 2.49.4, but GLIB (2.48.2)
*** was found! If pkg-config was correct, then it is best
*** to remove the old version of GLib. You may also be able to fix the error
*** by modifying your LD_LIBRARY_PATH enviroment variable, or by editing
*** /etc/ Make sure you have run ldconfig if that is
*** required on your system.
*** If pkg-config was wrong, set the environment variable PKG_CONFIG_PATH
*** to point to the correct configuration files
configure: error: 
*** GLIB 2.49.4 or better is required. The latest version of
*** GLIB is always available from

So, how can I remove one of the packages that I have installed locally (in /usr/local)? I assume sudo dnf remove does not work, as that is reserved for system packages.

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answered 2016-09-29 06:53:25 -0500

fcomida gravatar image

2.48.2 is the one provided by fedora. You can keep 2.49.4, set PKG_CONFIG_PATH to point to your local installation as explained in the error log you posted. You might need other libraries to compile gtk 3.22 though. Another option could be downloading all needed .src.rpm packages from koji and rebuilding them but, being gtk3 a fundamental component of the system, installing it systemwide could break many packages.

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