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Missing location control per application in Gnome 3.20 settings

asked 2016-09-20 11:31:09 -0500

zdenek gravatar image

Gnome 3.20 should add extended control in the Location services in Gnome Setting - Privacy panel. I have read news about it and saw pictures how it should look like (sorry, I'm too green to upload picture here so I have to describe it): On the tab 'Location Services' are listed Applications with ON/OFF button to active location detection for each of them separately (link with example: )

After I upgraded to Gnome 3.20, I do not have this feature in Location settings - I just see global ON/OFF button next to 'Location Services' but there is no list of applications below it where I would be able to adjust this settings like on the example above.

Any hint how to get it fixed please?

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answered 2016-09-23 16:33:32 -0500

zdenek gravatar image

Case "missing location controls per application" is clarified. This feature didn't arrive to the Gnome 3.20. It is available in Gnome 3.22. Please see this bug for more details.

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